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In November 2005 for the first time the JSPCA held a Doggie Fashion Show. The event took place at the Guardsman Group Headquarters on Old Hope Road. Guests enjoyed a delicious array of cheeses and fine wines, and were able to purchase a variety of pet accessories, or arrange for their pet’s portrait to be painted, while models, both male and female, strutted their stuff, each partnered by a dog, or cat, or bird, or rabbit, or even snake, all in beautiful costumes.

The evening was well supported by the public and the local media, and a photo even found its way into the pages of the American Humane Society’s magazine. It is hoped that this year’s show will be even bigger and better. All proceeds were channelled to the JSPCA’s education programme in schools, where the emphasis is on teaching children how to treat animals, and helping them to experience the joy of caring for them.